How To Extend Your Wifi Range

April 26th, 2019

Choosing to install a wireless security system in Pittsburgh, PA means having a very convenient and versatile system in place. You don’t have to worry about running out cabling to each camera, and you don’t need a central security room to handle all the feeds from a traditional CCTV system.

However, for all the conveniences that wireless adds to your property in Pittsburgh, PA, that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain drawbacks. By choosing to go wireless, users sacrifice the reliability that comes from wired images. In other words, just like everything else that is broadcast, wireless data from a camera can experience interference.

Increasing your wifi range is one way that you reduce the chances of this happening. But how do you do it? We’ve got a few tips.

Router Placement Is Important

This often a very common mistake that homeowners make for aesthetic reasons. The router is the device that broadcasts and receives wireless signals throughout a property. However, it’s pretty clear that people who design routers often don’t take home décor into mind. Because people don’t like the look of routers or the tangle of cables that come with them, they often store routers in some less visible, out of the way location to maintain the look of the home.

Unfortunately, depending on the location, squirreling a wireless router in some out of the way place can be so out of the way it impacts performance, reducing your broadcast range. If possible, try to respect to the optimal distance and position of router placement in your home.

Find A Clear Channel

Your router and wireless devices operate on more than one frequency. One common cause of interference with wireless devices is too many other devices in the area are using the same frequency, thus scattering signals. This is often because product owners stick to the default settings. If you take the time to select a less commonly used channel, this can have a big impact on preventing wireless interference.

Use WiFi Extenders

Acting as relay or “booster” devices, WiFi extenders can be placed around different parts of a home or property to receive a signal from the router, and rebroadcast it, thus making the signal stronger and “fresher” than if it were still traveling from the router itself. For homes or properties with much ground to cover, or possible areas of materials interference, such as thick walls, this is a great solution to extending the range of clarity.

Update Firmware

Sometimes the issue isn’t one of hardware or physics, but software. Check your router to make sure that the firmware inside is up to date, and if it’s not, upgrade to the latest version. This can often bring you more security and operational efficiency, getting you better performance from your router and wireless transmission.

Wireless security cameras for a Pittsburgh, PA home or business are both convenient and complex. However, with the proper understanding and application, you can ensure smooth operation, with clear images, and a good range for broadcasting. All it takes is a little understanding of how the technology works.