Five Benefits Of Security Cameras In Warehouses And Manufacturing Plants

May 30th, 2019

All Pittsburgh businesses can benefit from a good security system. However, both warehouses and manufacturing plants can see the biggest benefits. Security systems don’t just help protect against crime, they can also save warehouses and manufacturing plants time and money. If you are considering implementing a security system in your warehouse or manufacturing plant, here are the five key benefits you will receive:

1. Protect Inventory Against Theft

Both major break-ins and petty thefts can cost companies a lot of money. Cameras first act as a deterrent against any crimes. If visible, criminals will avoid breaking in. As for internal crime, surveillance cameras now feature high definition lens that can catch even the smallest acts of theft. This will help reduce the overall cost of loss, making your business more profitable. 

2. Reduce Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies know that a security system helps protect against crime, theft, and on site injuries. As a result, their liability for covering your facility is lower and they will pass that savings onto you. In fact, insurance premiums can go down so significantly that many Pittsburgh businesses have found that over time the security system more than pays for itself. We recommend talking to your insurance agent about which specific features will help save your money.

3. Reduce False Workplace Injury Claims

Injuries are very common in warehouses and manufacturing plants simply because of the nature of the work. However, many people falsely claim to have been injured on the job. With a surveillance system you can monitor for any injuries and present recorded evidence in the case where an employee is falsely claiming an injury. Courts consider video recordings to be very strong evidence, so you will be protected in these cases.

4. Create A Safe Environment

Employees face a lot of workplace hazards, not just from equipment. Many employees experience workplace bullying and harassment. A surveillance system can help prevent these issues. Management can see when someone is being harassed and can review footage to prove harassment claims. Furthermore, the presence of a surveillance system can help deter workplace bullies.

5. Monitor Employee Efficiency

A great ancillary feature of a security system, is you can monitor your in house operations for efficiency improvements. Seeing how long tasks take to complete and looking for ways to improve tasks, can ultimately make your organization more productive and profitable. You’ll also be able to ensure your staff is doing their job correctly and can implement more training programs as necessary.

These are just some of the major benefits that Pittsburgh warehouses and manufacturing plants will experience with a security system. To find a system that works for your unique and gives you all these benefits, your best option is to speak with a security professional. A security professional can help you design a security system that is right for your business at an affordable price.