Five Major Benefits Of Security Cameras For School Safety

July 19th, 2019

The need for secure schools and safety for our children becomes more apparent with each passing year. When it comes to monitoring your students and their movements, it is difficult to have someone watching all the time. Not to mention, it’s hard to keep out intruders. This is where installing security cameras not only prevents crime, but keeps both children and educators safe.

What Are The Benefits Of a School Security System?

Many people when they think of security cameras in schools usually think of the parking lot being monitored for safety and crime prevention. However, in today’s world that is not enough. A good security system is installed inside the school as well as outside. There are many reasons for security throughout the school including:

1. School Security Cameras Deter Crime:

In addition to theft, cameras can record vandalism, car thefts, and any sexual misconduct. When installed in plain sight also act as a deterrent. No one wants to be caught on tape. If the worst happens and a student or teacher gets robbed, videos are a good resource to assist law enforcement in finding the perpetrator. 

2. School Surveillance Reduces Bullying In Schools:

School bullying has become a serious problem in today’s schools. With the knowledge that there are cameras throughout the school, students tend to behave better. Often bullying happens in school buses. Placing video recordings in busses prevents driver distraction and the “he said she said” statements. 

3. Video Cameras Protect Both Educators and Students:

When installed in classrooms, it not only can protect educators from being accused of sexual harassment or any other infraction by a student with video proof of their innocence it can also monitor unscrupulous teachers that harass their students. With a security camera in the classroom there is no question as to whom is responsible for the issue. 

4. Security Systems Help Monitor Educators, Students and Visitors:

Security cameras can monitor everyone entering and exiting the school. They monitor Teachers performance and interaction with students. School administrators can monitor students that are constantly late, or leave early, assisting the principal addressing the issue. Installed in entryways they can monitor any visitors or parents and where they are in the building. 

5. An Effective Security System Provides Peace Of Mind:

As a parent, your child’s security always comes first. They want to see their children off to school and know they come home safely. Knowing the different issues that are deterred by the installation of school security cameras is reassuring to parents. Parents are usually supportive of cameras in school and see them as additional efforts to protect their children. 

Children deserve to feel safe and secure when they are in school. Schools should be an environment of learning, socializing and enjoying extracurricular activities. Children and their parents should not live in fear that they may leave for school and not come home again. The experts of David Davis Communications can help. We’ll identify the key risks to your school and find a budget-friendly solution to mitigate these risks and protect students and faculty.