Manage Your Home Security With Mobile Apps

April 4th, 2019

It’s funny how far home security has come in recent years. The old systems with their loud beeps, bulky buttons, and multiple codes to keep track of are long gone. Today’s security systems are easier to use and manage, thanks to mobile app management. Using your smartphone to manage your home security in Pittsburgh, PA is the wave of the future. Here’s what you need to know to help you embrace it.

Apps For Home Security Are Here To Stay

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: “There’s an app for that.”  Do some research and you’ll find that there are apps designed to help people with many of the things they need to accomplish. Most people embrace these apps to do everything from ordering take-out to ordering a ride sharing service. But if you trust an app to do those things, why not trust it for your home security? Right from your own smartphone, you can use an app to perform these tasks in seconds:

  • Unlock your doors
  • Turn on interior and exterior lights
  • Arm and disarm your alarm
  • View security videos
  • Operate your security cameras

There are many home security apps out there that let you do some pretty cool things. One of the more popular apps works with your smart doorbell. When someone rings your doorbell, it sends an alert to your phone and activates the camera. This lets you see exactly who’s there; no matter how far away you are from your Pittsburgh, PA home.

Using An App Is Easier Than Using The Web

People have been using the internet to take care of business in Pittsburgh, PA for years. Managing your bank accounts, paying your bills, and shopping for cars are just a few of the things you can do from your home computer. People have been doing these tasks for so long, however, that they’re ready for a better user interaction on the web. Unfortunately, many websites just aren’t ready for them. Mobile apps are ready—and they can perform tasks quickly and simply. The user experience that you want and deserve is on the app; just head to your home security panel and tap away.

Apps Change Right Along With Your Needs

Your home security needs will change over time. You need a quick and simple way to make the system adapt to them. If you’re having house guests for the holidays, you’ll need to add that person to your home security system with a temporary code that you can deactivate after they leave. When you become an empty-nester after the kids head to college, you’ll need to deactivate their user code.

With a traditional home security system, tasks like these can be daunting. With a mobile app, they’re easy as can be. Ease of use is what makes mobile app management the wave of the future. Don’t let your home security pass into obscurity. Get on board with mobile app technology to stay safe and relevant.