How To Prevent Your Packages From Being Stolen

June 21st, 2019

With the rise of online shopping and the ease in which you can click, buy and pick it up from your porch as soon as the next day, a new form of burglar has developed. Known as “porch pirates”, these burglars focus is stealing delivered packages. It is estimated that about one-third of all Americans have had packages they ordered stolen by these porch pirates. So how can you make sure your package arrives and you will get it when you are at work all day or out of the house? We have compiled seven tips for you to help thwart these porch pirates from obtaining your bootie.


Sign For All Your Packages

One of the better ways to ensure that your package will end up in your hands is to require a signature upon arrival. Add to the signature a request for tracking alerts will allow you to see if your package is late or missing. If you are ordering from one of the larger retail stores, click and collect allows you to order the item online and pick it up the same day at the store, avoiding delivery all together.


Coordinate With A Trust Neighbor

If you are lucky enough to have a neighbor that is home during the day, ask them to keep an eye out for your package. Another option is to coordinate with them to pick up a package you are expecting. You can also ask if they will allow you to have your package sent to them.


Have Your Packages Sent To Work

If your employer allows it, have your packages sent to your workplace. Most packages arrive during the workday. At your office, there will always be somewhere there to receive the package. So talk to your boss to see if this option works.


Insure Your Packages

Though a few dollars more, insurance can help you from losing money. When purchasing something online, find out what their theft policy is and if you can obtain insurance on the item. You also have the option to seek remuneration from the delivery company should your package be stolen if you’ve gotten insurance.


Invest In A Package Locker

You can now purchase a heavy locker for your porch where the delivery person can place your package for safekeeping. One major company has even started installing lockers in convenient, central locations where you can pick up your item. Just make sure to always include instructions for your locker in the delivery notes when ordering.


Install Security Cameras On Your Front Porch

This method is by far one of the best methods of package security. The use of low-cost Wi-Fi smart security cameras will alert you via an app on your cell phone if someone is on your porch or at your front door. Furthermore, if a theft does happen, you’ll have evidence so the police can catch the crook and hopefully recover your items.


Consider A Smart Video Doorbell

Another excellent option is to install a smart video doorbell that will notify you when someone is on your porch. It also can video and often audio record who is on your porch. A smart doorbell also allows you to answer the door when it rings even if you are not at home and you can direct the delivery person where they can safely leave the package. Some smart doorbells will allow you to unlock the door for delivery and then lock when the delivery person leaves.

All of these tips can help make sure that your packages are safe and secure and you always get the items you ordered. Talk to a security professional about the options for your front porch. They’ll help you get a system that meets your needs depending on your home design, your neighborhood, and how much online shopping you do.