How Do I Keep My Cameras From Being Tampered With?

March 7th, 2019

Your security cameras are installed to keep your home safe – so how do you make sure your cameras are safe as well? As with any equipment placed outside of the home, there’s plenty of unsupervised time exposed to the public when something can go wrong. However, today’s modern security camera manufacturers have truly thought of everything, and this includes lessening the likelihood of tampering with your Pittsburgh, PA outside system installations. 

Tips For Keeping Your Security Cameras Safe 

Between choosing the right cameras and making sure you install smart, you can keep your security cameras safe. 5 tips for keeping your security cameras safe from tampering include: 

  1. Invest in vandal-proof – Security cameras of today have taken plenty of precautions to guard against tampering. Vandal-proof security cameras are built to withstand serious physical abuse, making them not able to be tampered with easily. These strong and durable cameras will keep running despite a criminal’s best effort to destroy them. 
  2. Install out of reach – Installing your security cameras out of reach ensures that potential vandals or criminals will need to go to great lengths, both literally and figuratively, to reach them. This isn’t something done easily without being noticed, so they’re more than likely going to pass by your security cameras altogether. Another added benefit of high security camera installation is that your cameras will be able to capture a wider area of footage from high up. 
  3. Opt for protection – Protection products are available for today’s security camera systems. These durable plastic housings don’t obstruct the camera’s view, but essentially turn any camera into one similar to their vandal-proof versions. Not only do these protect from human physical abuses, but animal damage and the elements as well. 
  4. Keep your cameras hidden – Having a camera in plain view is similar to having a bicycle in plain view; a burglar or vandal is more likely to tamper with it if they can see right where it is. For this reason, keeping your security camera placement areas hidden can protect your investment. What a criminal cannot see, they cannot tamper with. 
  5. Get your neighbors in on it – A surveilled neighborhood is a safe neighborhood, and talking to your neighbors about getting their own security systems can help to keep all of you safer. Criminals will know that what they do at one home will likely be caught on the footage at a neighbor’s house, and they’ll avoid the entire stretch of homes altogether. Studies have shown that security cameras placed on homes can make a large stretch of neighborhood safer.

Safe Cameras And A Safe Home 

A safe home is a happy home, and safe homes are equipped with proper security. By keeping your security cameras safe from tampering, you’re taking an extra precaution to ensure your surveillance system is giving you just the security results you’re looking for. With smart installation and today’s modern security camera technology, your cameras are built to withstand more than ever.