Use Security Cameras To Keep Your Construction Site Safe And Secure

June 14th, 2019

Many construction companies in Pittsburgh, PA rank safety and security as their biggest concerns. Installing a security camera system can meet those concerns by protecting against a variety of dangers. From deterring theft and vandalism, to ensuring the safety of the workers, there are more benefits of security cameras than you might think. 

Discourage Crime And Theft 

The equipment and materials needed to complete a construction job are expensive. Most construction sites have these materials on hand so that projects can be completed on time. While this is efficient for getting the job done, it also makes a thief’s job more efficient. They can simply walk onto the site and take what they want after everyone goes home for the night.  

Criminal activity is less likely to occur on sites that are protected by security cameras. When cameras are placed conspicuously, thieves are deterred, and your company is less likely to suffer from loss of equipment and property damage. On the chance that thieves or vandals do visit your site, security cameras can help police identify and arrest the suspect. Recorded footage can help aid in their prosecution, and you might even recover some of your stolen property. 

Encourage Productivity And Safety 

Security cameras can protect businesses in Pittsburgh, PA from outside theft, but they can also enhance employee productivity. When employees in any occupation know that someone is watching over them, they are less likely to engage in inappropriate behaviors, or slack off on the job. This can keep your site running smoothly and efficiently to meet time deadlines. 

There is nothing more important than the safety of everyone on a construction site. By reviewing security camera footage, management can ensure that all workers are following safety procedures and protocols. They can also identify areas on the site that might pose a hazardous risk. The footage can help locate areas where improvement is necessary, or additional training is needed to help ensure worker safety. 

Your Safety Is Important To Us

Safety and security are critical concerns on every construction site. You might not have the first idea on how to install security cameras for protection, but we do. We can help you discover: 

  • The best placement options for cameras around your site

  • The most secure on-site storage option for equipment

  • How much storage your project needs

  • How long you need to retain footage

We can even help you set up remote viewing options. This allows you to view a live stream of your construction site from anywhere. All you need is a mobile device or a computer to keep an eye on the site even if you’re hundreds of miles away. 

In Pittsburgh, PA, the right security cameras not only keep your equipment and materials safe, they keep your workers safe, too.  Working with a company like us will lead you to discover the security camera solution that best meets your needs. Contact us to address your safety and security concerns today.